Kate Kerin

Chief Human Resource Officer | SHRM

At the core of the firm’s enterprise, Kate Kerin responds with a formulated plan that addresses not only the range of architectural licensing but supports extensive corporate registrations both domestic and international.

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Personally directing this program for the last decade, she has enhanced the firm’s continuing expansion by developing an agile approach to its integrated corporate base. Kate also guides the firm’s professional contracts and agreements, remaining sensitive to principled processes at all times.

In her lead role mentoring Corporate Culture, Kate is pivotal in assuring that the firm’s founding objective endures, guiding it toward the intrinsic inclusion, development and support of our staff. This translates to overseeing the firm’s philanthropic endeavors as well, a capacity for giving that stems from her own personal lifework as a volunteer and mentor.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services from National Louis University in Evanston, Illinois, Kate has held positions as Executive Directors of both the Park Ridge Community Fund and Teen Center. Among Kate’s many volunteer efforts, her dedication to the organization “Global Alliance for Africa” has led to several personal visits to East Africa, with fundraising efforts supporting her on-site building of several local libraries.