Old Navy

International Locations


This project was particularly fun because we were able to work directly with the brand to inform design, branding, operations, and the technical details of the building. Custom, high-profile projects are the most challenging, but can also be the most enjoyable and rewarding.
Mark Scheerhorn, Senior Managing Director

The Partnership

Chipman Design Architecture is proud to have continued partnering with Gap Inc. on the Old Navy brand for almost two decades.

The Highlights

The pinnacle of this collaboration is their flagship location in New York City. With a focus on fun, family and play, Old Navy’s 42,557 square foot flagship in Times Square is a study in experiential retail. With prominent placement near the entrance, moveable platforms featuring horizontal, undermounted video screens greet the customer, perched atop by mannequins featuring the brand’s latest offerings.

Catering to the store’s tourist merchandise opportunity, the team designed a shop experience featuring custom New York products and souvenirs, complete with floor to ceiling subway tile wall and neon Statue of Liberty installation. Sprinkled through the store are large interactive digital screens that provide numerous digital experiences to customers –– from a digital fit and look book at the denim shop, Old Navy Kids interactive games and social website interactions. Tablets are installed in each fitting room lounges to connect the customers to Old Navy.com.

In addition to the Times Square flagship, CDA has partnered with the brand on flagship locations in Mexico City.

Children clothing display with polka dotted camperChildren clothing display with hopscotch game painted on the groundJean display with neon signEscalator from the upper floorDisplay of winter wear for menRegister areaDetail of bar and barstools