Architectural Design Services

No two clients are the same. Every architectural design project is completely different. We strategically assemble teams to best support a program’s unique needs that guarantees a consistent partnership with a group of talented experts who are there from beginning to end.

Our clients are true partners. Together we work closely to create project programming that carries a client’s brand forward. This collaborative spirit invites open communication on a near-daily basis, ensuring the highest levels of customer service are not only met, but exceeded.

The Strategy

Planning & Programming

Taking both an analytical and creative approach to finding architectural design solutions is fundamental to our process. We understand that time is money, and seek to consolidate workflow wherever possible.

3D Laser Scan Services

Chipman Design provides in-house site survey services utilizing the Faro Focus M70 point cloud laser scanner. With the ability to create existing condition documentation, the team also creates Revit models and visual walkthroughs, able to be accessed throughout the entire life cycle of the project.
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Site Assessment / Test Fit

Key to our process, standard code research documentation is tailored per sector and scoped to provide a bedrock of due diligence upon which the project schedule and design requirements are established. In addition to preliminary site assessment services, Chipman Design can provide development services to augment your real estate team, including reviewing landlord letters and executing test fits prior to lease signing.
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Project Management

By setting guidelines for project communication and creating custom solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs, Chipman Design is able to guide the project through all stage gates. Acting as the conduit through which all communication passes, the team at CDA ensures a seamless process, from project kick-off to opening day.
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The Creative

Design & Visualization

Acting as an extension of the client's team, we collaborate with both internal and external partners to bring innovative architectural design concepts to the table, break ground for customer experience, and provide a design and programming process that’s flexible. Leveraging our extensive design library and innovative Visualization Studio, our design process allows for face-to-face workshops with project stakeholders, in order to create the ultimate physical expression of the brand.

Bedroom at a hotel with a printed wall behind a bed

Interior Design

We develop warm and welcoming environments responsive to each individual client. Our architectural design solutions are always founded upon a deep understanding of a brand's DNA, obtained with a thorough investigation of the property’s location and its unique vernacular. This allows our design team to infuse community into space by incorporating local artisans and craftsmanship.
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Interior of store with jerseys on display

Branded Environment

In today’s consumer decision journey, brick and mortar is still alive, but its attraction demands an in-person experience compelling enough for people to take their business offline. To be competitive, a physical space needs to offer breadth and depth, occupying an arena that intersects retail, restaurant and hospitality. We’ve seen firsthand how this trifecta creates a fervent and more vocal brand ambassador who is immersed in a full brand lifestyle. At Chipman Design, we design with the branded environment top of mind, ensuring that every detail speaks to the brand’s mission.
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Rendering of open room with furniture


Our innovative applications of visualization and virtual reality pioneered and established the industry standard within the prototypical design process. Acting as a translator, this tool allows clients to play an active role in the design process. Leveraging this technology, our designers create immersive virtual prototypes without the budget impact of constructing full-scale physical mock-ups. As an extension of this virtual reality technology, Chipman Design has set up the innovative Visualization Studio to continue exploring the potentials of immersive simulations, 360 panos and photorealistic renderings.
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Image of Gap flagship storefront


The flagship concept has transitioned away from the notion of monumental extravagance where more is more. Instead, our team focuses on a brand's overarching message in order to create a space more finely honed than its main fleet. The end goal is to provide an unforgettable experience where the brand story continues to unravel and envelope the end user long after their visit. Whether that is achieved through extensive integrated technology, personalizing a branded in-person experience, or simply providing something not found anywhere else, the team at CDA takes a forward thinking brand approach to flagship design.
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The Execution

Architecture & Construction

While architecture allows us to augment the world with structure and style, we pride ourselves on the opportunity to connect and improve the lives of people, businesses and communities. With over forty years of experience partnering with clients on their national architectural programs, Chipman Design has developed an account team structure that provides a consistent point of contact with a foundation of national expertise. We are ready to help your brand grow.


While creating a compelling new store experience is exciting, we know that implementing an all encompassing concept across your entire fleet is what makes a real impact. Our custom solutions have been perfected over the last 40 years. Nationally licensed, we have completed over 14,000 projects. In order to successfully achieve large-volume architectural programs, we rely on solution-oriented thinking and proactive project management, with architectural excellence at the core of every construction document set we produce.

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Prototype Adaptation and Management

Based on nearly four decades of architecture expertise, we have developed unparalleled project protocols addressing issues typical to corporate expansion programs. We are skilled at developing both national and regional prototypes, in addition to taking the client through construction documents. With custom processes developed for communicating change management within the prototype, we are able to provide your team the organization and the expertise to develop, adapt and maintain your prototypes.

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Engineering Consultant Management

Chipman Design has assembled a complement of highly-respected, nationally licensed engineering partners over the last four decades. With CDA acting as the main point of contact, this architect/engineer collaborative effort assures each client an effective project approach to both prototypical and site adaptable programming, ensuring a true synergistic team.

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Construction Administration

Throughout the construction process, our team acts as an extension of your team to manage the project from construction kick-off to turnover, right up to grand opening. In addition to responding to contractor RFI’s, our team can perform site observation visits, compliance visits and Interior Design FF+E installation oversight.

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