Puttshack Chicago Corporate Offices

Chicago, IL


The Ask

It’s a great sign when a business needs to make more space at their corporate office, and that’s exactly what CDA was recently able to help Puttshack do. Located in the River North area of Chicago, Puttshack needed to expand from half of a floor in their current building to two full floors, while updating the design sensibilities of the offices, and addressing some of the challenges of an open office layout.  

The Task

CDA has had a very fruitful relationship with Puttshack, having assisted in designing a number of their entertainment venues; this would be our first time working within their corporate space. Designing for the modern urban office can be both interesting and challenging for designers. How do you make the space seem comfortable but also chic, as well as utilizing the strengths of the existing environment? For the Puttshack Chicago Corporate Office, it started with a mood board that stressed industrial elements, such as exposed brick and structural wood timbers. In order to bring the unique brand of energy into the space, pops of oranges, magentas, and cool blues were utilized.

The open floor plan of the office was both one of the greatest strengths and biggest hurdles of the overall design. Open space, when combined with hard surfaces such as brick walls, created an environment where sound bounced around quite a bit, with the potential to be loud and disruptive. To solve the problem, CDA designers got creative and combined their lighting designs with special light fixtures made from acoustic felt by LightArt, giving a sound control and dampening effect without having to add any additional structural features.

Even with some ever-present supply chain issues, CDA was able to keep the project moving forward in a timely fashion, fusing elements of Puttshack’s entertainment locations with their new expanded corporate office, including using individual golf course names for inspiration for each of the conference rooms. We are positive this will be a space the Puttshack team will be both uplifting and comfortable for many years to come.

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