Planet Fitness

Milwaukee, WI


The Ask

For the newest Planet Fitness location, CDA would need to work with both the building’s shell architects as well as with the Planet Fitness design team to create a ground-up plan for a gym. The Interior and exterior would need to meet the Planet Fitness corporate standards, as well as serve as a blueprint for future locations. 

The Task

Bringing innovative design and dynamic energy is at the forefront when building gym, exercise, and spa spaces. The goal is for people to feel motivated and upbeat when they walk into any Planet Fitness gym, without being overwhelmed.  This goal was achieved in the best way at the new Planet Fitness location in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

This project started a collaboration between CDA and the building shell architect on exterior elevation as well as for the interior designs. There were certain corporate standards in place that we would definitely meet, in addition to making the space interesting and unique - as well as user-friendly for the customers.

A giant cog was used as the “roof” of the customer service and check-in counter, giving that part of the gym something that sets it off from the rest of the large, open spaces. The Planet Fitness brand colors of purple and yellow were added in smart ways - for instance using yellow as the backdrop for the check-in counter and walls in the 30 Minute Express room, and purple walls setting off walls in entrances to bathrooms and sections of machines. These were each set off by vast expanses of white walls with large windows, so natural light became a main design feature. Pops of color in the Planet Fitnesstheme were added in the form of purple equipment, yellow trash cans, and bold motivational sayings in contrasting colors completed much of the interior design.

CDA has been lucky enough to work on a number of Planet Fitness projects - including build-outs and remodels - since our first project together in 2021. We’re confident this new location will be a great addition to their portfolio and a huge asset to their customers and guests!

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