Noodles & Company

National Locations


CDA started collaboration with Noodles & Company in 2003, and it has been a great opportunity to see their growth and development throughout the years. Implementing their designs that reflect the unique brand of world flavors creates an environment that has adapted and remained relevant to consumers of a broad range of lifestyles.
Anna Velasquez, Account Manager

The Partnership

A long-lasting collaboration that goes back almost two decades, Chipman Design Architecture and Noodles & Co. have continued to rethink how the brand’s fresh and flavorful food is expressed through the physical environment.

The Task

Providing corporate Prototype Management services for sites throughout the country, the CDA team addressed both interior trade dress, as well as exterior design and construction methods flexible and adaptable for various municipalities. National programming has grown to accommodate a broadened menu, as well as adding catering staging, carryout solutions and drive-thru windows.

Booth with beer on display behind itLine to register with menu on the wallDining area surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windowsDining room tablesDetail of bar and barstools