Moen Design Center

222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza Suite 135, Chicago, IL


The Ask

CDA was contracted to redesign the experiential shower display at the Moen showroom, inside the Merchandise Mart. The new design needed to be thoughtfully studied to make it easier for clients to experience and envision the various shower setups. While re-imagining the Moen showroom, CDA was asked to ensure the space would encourage homeowners to bridge the gap from dreams to reality, leading guests to fully immerse themselves in the shopping experience to discover their own perfect home. The result is an environment that transcends the norm and invites consumers to make decisions today that create a well spent tomorrow.

The Task

Although the scope was limited to the shower display, CDA still engaged in the typical processes of design, documentation, and construction administration as a larger project. In addition to creating design schematics, there was documentation of the project, including permits submitted to the city of Chicago, while also keeping in mind that the Merchandise Mart has its own requirements.

One major consideration was that the rest of the existing showroom was to remain unrenovated. Since the current fixtures throughout the showroom were fabricated with a white Corian solid surface, it was imagined that this material would be incorporated into the shower display to create a cohesive design throughout the entire showroom. It was a delicate balance to revamp the design to make it more aesthetically pleasing and functional for the client and their customers, while keeping it visually connected to the larger showroom space.

Working with water for a shower display proved to be a challenge. The CDA team provided a full layout of all plumbing fixtures in elevation and plans, but collaborated with the client to include functional considerations like testing shower heads on the floor. Additionally, the client was adamant that the water needed to pop against the wall material. Their original display was all white, so it was difficult to see the water when they turned on the fixtures. To solve this design issue, the team chose a “Titan Matte Finish” (gray) resin Lustrolite panel. Thinking ahead, this particular material made it much easier for swapping out fixtures in the future than a tile surface. With that consideration in mind, a product that came in 4’x8’ panels was selected so if a fixture needed to be replaced, the client could swap the entire panel in a more clean and efficient manner. 

Lighting water was also not as simple as it sounds, as placement needed to coordinate with overhead shower heads. And when it came to floors, the design team saw an opportunity to warm up the overall palette. Though bathrooms can often feel cold, they wanted to bring in a welcoming feeling with wood porcelain plank flooring, inspired by one of Moen’s products –– a Teak shower seat. 

Over the course of the project the CDA team had developed such a strong and trusting relationship that it has led to the re-design of the shower display at their partner brand, House of Rohl, next door.

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