Maddon's Post

1119 W Waveland Ave, Chicago, IL


The Ask

Chipman Design Architecture has a long-standing relationship with the development program for the Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field. When the plans for the new restaurant, Maddon’s Post, helmed by renowned chef Tony Mantuano and Cubs Manager Joe Maddon were finalized, CDA was paired with a local designer to create a brand new casual restaurant and bar in the recently renovated and expanded Wrigleyville campus.

The Task

The idea behind Maddon’s Post was to create a dining experience that went beyond a typical sports bar or baseball-themed restaurant. Instead, the goal was to create a polished, yet approachable design to set the scene for a rustic Italian and Polish menu. Chipman was tasked with creating a welcoming, inviting neighborhood spot that’s a natural draw during the baseball season, but equally inviting, if not more so, during the off season. Additionally, Chipman needed to creatively integrate diverse personal touches from Joe to create a space where fans, locals and out-of-town visitors can feel like they get to know Joe: the family man, wine connoisseur, classic rock enthusiast, philosopher, artist, flamingo lover and baseball manager.

Surprisingly, the challenges for the space were not its eclectic interior and multiple zones for a varied dining experience, but rather its location in the base of a six-story office building and specific architectural and design requirements. Heavy coordination was necessary to accommodate a dual-fuel kitchen equipment, wood-fired and gas-fired, which was seen as essential to the concept, as was an open kitchen and a large central bar. Maddon specifically wanted an art deco aesthetic and a very personal, private dining room. Color was also a challenge; they couldn’t be the Cubs’ team colors, nor could they be potentially seen as competitive team colors. And, all finishes and materials had to be approachable and appropriate for big-volume, fast-turn game day crowds as well as comfortable and inviting for local, lingering guests on regular service days.

NOTE: Restaurant has since closed

Exterior at night with streetlights onExterior during the dayInterior dining areaStairs with art and neon sign on the wallThe barThe dining room and bar areaLong dining table with a second table with old radio equipment on itDetail of bar and barstools