National Locations


The Ask

The new, modern quick service restaurant is so much more than fast food - they need to be interesting, comfortable, and an efficient use of space, among other challenges. It’s an added component when that restaurant is going to be located across the street from its North American headquarters; that was exactly the case with our newest partnership with Jollibee. Not only would this restaurant design be the first among many to be built across the country, and the first ground-up Jollibee restaurant for CDA, but it would also need to serve as a focal point for corporate headquarters next door.

The Task

CDA designers first needed to make an exterior design that would be accepted by the municipalities in charge. The shopping center the restaurant would be located in has a Mediterranean theme; and so any exterior design work would need to match in order to get approved - white also still meeting Jollibee’s corporate standards and ideals. A distinctive midcentury design would be adapted to meet the needs of the shopping center, while still giving Jollibee its distinctive appearance. Woodgrain longboard mounted vertically, metal panels, and stucco are combined with specialized exterior lighting that give a distinctive midcentury feel to the building. Specially designed columns support the building itself, as well as the drive-thru canopy and patio dining canopies.

For the interior, CDA worked closely with our Jollibee partners in order to meet both their corporate standards as well as our own standards with an all-new design package that could be utilized in additional restaurants. Rulon wood ceilings set off the POS area, which required some coordination with HVAC and lighting but the finished effect was worth the extra effort.

As the first location utilizing these new designs, it was great to see the project come to fruition, and we cannot wait to work with Jollibee again to put this design model to great use in additional locations.

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