Granato's Gourmet Market


This is a great concept for the Salt Lake City Airport; take a local favorite and give all travelers a taste of Sam Granato’s cooking. Working with our Interior Team we were able to create a cozy space that honors the Granato heritage. Next time I’m off to Park City I’ll be stopping by for some pasta!
Mark Sangin

The Ask

Grounded in Salt Lake City’s history, Granato’s Importing Company and Deli has brought quality, authentic Mediterranean and Italian food and gourmet staples to guests in the SLC area for over 70 years. With retail locations throughout the city, the stores have become a destination for locals and tourists. Chipman Design Architecture was approached to adapt this popular concept to organically fit within the newly renovated Salt Lake City Airport.

The Task

The team looked to materials like blackened steel and a sleek black awning to welcome guests into the clean and fresh interior palette of gray, white and green, where the iconic logo could become the focal point of the International Market. Materials were kept simple and light to backdrop for the unique international food options offered. Ambiance was achieved through a  ceiling constructed from timber beams accented by the twinkling of tivoli lights. This design also took functionality into account, including the modern amenities travelers are looking for today like charging stations at the bar seating and an interactive map. Founder Sam Granato’s famous quote, “Sam here. What can I do for you?” is featured above the coolers centered in the space, grounding the history of the design concept. This newest location is sure to delight and satisfy travelers from all over the world.

Detail of bar and barstools