Glen Oak Sports Complex

Glen Ellyn, IL


The Ask

After successfully completing an earlier women’s locker room remodel for the Glen Oak Country Club in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, CDA was asked to participate in the creation of a long-term Master Plan for the club as a whole. The Sports Complex was to be the first project tackled as part of this long-term plan, and it came with a few significant challenges - including matching the existing clubhouse structure, as well as working with the club’s Civil Engineer to best utilize the sloped location of the site.

The Task

The country club’s project committee wanted the new sport complex to be more hospitality oriented and elevated from other clubs in the area. Beyond just sports, it was also important to make sure the complex was capable of being adapted for a multitude of other uses. In line with this, materials and color palettes were used in the project that gave a casual and timeless feel but were durable and easily cleaned. Exterior materials were used in such a way as to match the existing clubhouse aesthetics.

To take advantage of the sloping project site, a walk out basement was created which allowed for impressive views of the golf course. Organically placed pathways with thoughtful lighting add to the impressive exterior of the sports complex - details that certainly elevate it above your basic sports venue.

CDA always takes great pride in our working relationships with clients, and the Glen Oak Country Club was no exception. Especially when a committee is involved, it's important to get to know the committee members and really get a feel for their vision and needs. CDA designers did a phenomenal job bringing their vision to reality and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for the complex.

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