Nelly Augustyn Talks To ConstructReach About Inspiring The Next Generation of Builders

Jul 26, 2022

CDA Senior Managing Director, Nelly Augustyn, is passionate about building – not just literal architecture construction, but also shaping the industry's future. This is what makes her a great leader of the mentorship program within Chipman. It's also why she sat down with Paul Robinson, founder of Constructreach, whose mission is to empower and rebuild the construction industry as a career path for a sustainable future, not an industry to 'fail into.' Nelly opened up during their conversation, getting real on serious topics like gender gaps, accessibility, and generational opportunities in the world of architecture.

In her podcast episode, Nelly describes her journey into the field of architecture, how biases affected her choice and how we can encourage the younger generations to consider careers in the construction industry as a viable choice. Her story illustrates the importance and value of relatives, friends, and teachers who recognize the potential, skills, and interests of students. Here are some of our favorite quotes:

A quote from Nelly: There's no age too young. I recently attended career day at my daughter's school and the children answered what they wanted to be... there wasn't one architect, plumber, electrician or carpenter. So I asked the teacher if I could teach the class what an architect does and how we effect so many people in the physical environment.
As architects, we need a good support system; we need mentors. We need to stay connected within the industry to be able to support that next generation of design professionals.
A quote from Nelly: Good design is accessibility for all. One of our clients, Ulta Beauty, recently ran a campaign featuring a girl about my daughter's age in a wheelchair. To not only make that statement, but to back it up by designing accessible stores is one of the most important things we do.
Mentorship is one of the most important part of my role today. I am an architect, I’m a mom, I’m a daughter, but all of these titles are roles I’ve pursued. To be called a mentor by the younger generation is inspiring and satisfying; it makes this all worthwhile
A quote from Nelly: When I started in this industry almost twenty years ago, it was primarily a male-dominated industry. We have started to see that change and experience more gender diversity within the field, which therefore brings more perspectives on inclusive design.

Listen to the full episode on the ConstructReach channel HERE.