How Temporary Pandemic Modifications Will Evolve in the Future of Restaurants

Mar 7, 2022

As pandemic restrictions are lifting, our CEO Lauren Chipman discuss the future of restaurants for Inc. Magazine. What will happen to all of the mobile ordering, delivery zones and other modifications that dominated the restaurant industry for the past two years?

When we talk about optimizing the guest experience for tomorrow, it can be insightful to look at the experience of yesterday. Looking back to 2008, chefs from top restaurants were being laid off during the recession and few places were hiring, so there was a rise in an influx of motivated talent ready for their next opportunity. If chefs weren't finding homes in restaurants anymore, where could they create and experiment? The streets.
The proliferation of mobile food trucks was spurred not only by wayward culinary talent but also by the massive growth of tracking them on emerging social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Now, restaurants and food trucks are no longer divorced from one another.
So what will be the long-reaching effects of the pandemic on the restaurant industry? How can we cut through the noise and create that convenient, frictionless experience that the customer of today and tomorrow is requesting?

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