How Restaurant Design Has Evolved Since 2020

May 13, 2022

The restaurant industry has been especially hard-hit by the pandemic but has worked tirelessly to adapt. Our CEO, Lauren Chipman, spoke to OpenTable's Aarti Virani about some of the more permanent ways restaurants have altered their designs.

“I think one of the biggest things to come out of the pandemic is a connection to fresh air, which means safety,” says Lauren Chipman, CEO of Chipman Design Architecture, a Chicago-based firm whose portfolio includes clients such as Shake Shack and Time Out Market Chicago. “People are now craving human interaction in environments that feel safe,” she adds.
It’s why her firm finds itself integrating features such as glass wall systems and garage doors into restaurant designs for spots including Swift & Sons Tavern, a bar that specializes in oysters and steaks, perched across Wrigley Field. “Even if it’s not a completely outdoor experience, we’re getting a lot of requests for [features] that allow restaurants to open up,” she says.

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