CDA Halloween 2022

Nov 4, 2022

This is Halloween...

It is well-documented that the Chipman Design Architecture family goes all out for Halloween. From elaborate group costumes to transforming the entire office into a giant Pac-Man maze, we do it all. CDA was even written up in BuzzFeed for how much we love Halloween.

Well, this year was no exception...

Behold: the CDA 2022 Halloween costumes

Photos by Kyle Chipman

The Design Team celebrated the holiday of Halloween itself as characters of "The Nightmare Before Christmas"
The Chick-fil-A team took a trip to the fairy-tale land of Duloc to celebrate Shrek!
Retail studio members from the Ulta, Puttshack and Fusion teams transformed into the world of Gru, the Minions and all their friends to save the Moon!
Great Scott! Lauren and Dan need to get back to 1985!
Our Administrative and HR team members took a walk on the wild side at the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park!
Congratulations to Kaitlynn who was one of the CDA Costume Contest winners with her homemade Oogie Boogie costume!
The CVS and Noodles Team fought off a villain and escaped with help from The Mystery Machine!
Where's Karen?
Congrats to Mohamad for winning the CDA Costume Contest AND being the loveliest Stepsister on the block!